Horse Racing Odds Shortening

Trainers Intentions selections , there were 22 winners yesterday #Doge #litecoin #Tuesday #TuesdayFeeling
Bushfire 16:15 Pontefract. Early #odds 7 #price now 3.353
Gainsbourg 16:45 Pontefract. Early #odds 12 #price now 8
Phoenix Fire 16:45 Pontefract. Early #odds 18 #price now 10
Wintercrack 16:45 Pontefract. Early #odds 5 #price now 3.333
Biscoff Joe 16:55 Wolverhampton. Early #odds 100 #price now 50
Tables Turned 16:55 Wolverhampton. Early #odds 8 #price now 4
Rust E Boy 17:30 Wolverhampton. Early #odds 3.5 #price now 1.75
Supreme Tenacity 17:30 Wolverhampton. Early #odds 16 #price now 10
Hampden 18:00 Wolverhampton. Early #odds 4.5 #price now 3
Delicacy 18:30 Wolverhampton. Early #odds 6.5 #price now 3.5
Hot Front 18:30 Wolverhampton. Early #odds 8 #price now 3.5
Baileys Warrior 19:30 Wolverhampton. Early #odds 7.5 #price now 5
Liquid Metric 19:30 Wolverhampton. Early #odds 25 #price now 12
Commission 20:00 Wolverhampton. Early #odds 28 #price now 16
Kraken Diamond 20:00 Wolverhampton. Early #odds 7 #price now 4
Muhalhel 20:00 Wolverhampton. Early #odds 8 #price now 4.5
Naadyaa 20:00 Wolverhampton. Early #odds 28 #price now 16
Danesfort 20:30 Wolverhampton. Early #odds 12 #price now 4

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