Horse Racing Odds Shortening

Trainers Intentions selections , there were 10 winners yesterday #DogeHODL #bitcoin #Tuesday #TuesdayMotivation
I Am Spider Man 19:15 Sligo. Early #odds 7 #price now 3
Jewelinthesky 19:15 Sligo. Early #odds 33 #price now

Meadow Soprano 19:15 Sligo. Early #odds 25 #price now

Racing Daisy 19:15 Sligo. Early #odds 16 #price now 8.5
Sefton Warrior 19:15 Sligo. Early #odds 33 #price now

Canaria Queen 19:30 Wetherby. Early #odds 7 #price now 4.5
Hurt You Never 19:30 Wetherby. Early #odds 3.5 #price now
Isle Of Dreams 19:30 Wetherby. Early #odds 9 #price now 4.5
Nammos 19:30 Wetherby. Early #odds 40 #price now 25

Ar Aghaidh 19:45 Sligo. Early #odds 33 #price now 14

Dun Ar Aill 19:45 Sligo. Early #odds 25 #price now

Elle Dorado Rock 19:45 Sligo. Early #odds 14 #price now
Flicker Of Hope 19:45 Sligo. Early #odds 3.333 #price now
Imminent Arrival 19:45 Sligo. Early #odds 33 #price now
Joya Del Mar 19:45 Sligo. Early #odds 14 #price now 8

Solo Flight 19:45 Sligo. Early #odds 11 #price now 3.33333333333333
Danielle D 20:15 Sligo. Early #odds 40 #price now

Ellen Kelly 20:15 Sligo. Early #odds 1.25 #price now 0.615384615384615
Heure Exacte 20:15 Sligo. Early #odds 250 #price now

Whatmedo 20:15 Sligo. Early #odds 66 #price now 40

Chatty 20:30 Wetherby. Early #odds 9 #price now 5.5

Sir Garfield 20:30 Wetherby. Early #odds 33 #price now
Laser Focus 21:00 Wetherby. Early #odds 4 #price now 2.25

Today Tuesday 11 June 2024 best horse racing tips here on Trainer Intentions on the Today’s Selection page . Many of the horse prices seen in this post may indicate strong support See which if any, warrant a selection today.

Today’s Horse Racing Tips

The Today’s Selection page requires you to be registered and logged in.

Some of today’s winning selections:

Quietness won the 17:07 Salisbury best price at time of selection 2.75 the early price recorded was 6.

Miss Stormy Night won the 15:37 Salisbury best price at time of selection 2.75.

Hyland won the 14:45 Southwell best price at time of selection 1.63 the price at earliest time of recording was 2.25.

These winning selections and others are available on the Today’s Horse Racing Tips page.

The Detailed Card

The Detailed card provides the information for every horse in every race today in the UK and Ireland. Searchable, filterable for all information for logged in subscribers.

The Detailed card contains all the information you need to make informed decisions on a horses chances, early odds and latest best prices. The highest number of entries in the past year, form, last time out jockey and position. Number of entries in the last five days and percentage of those indicated for today’s meeting at the 48 hour period. The jockeys form within the last 14 days and 7 days in placing the top two positions given as a percentage plus the early nominated jockey and whether there has been a change of jockey. The trainer’s form for the last 14 days and 7 day period are given as a percentage based on top two placings in that period. Indicators of days since last win (DLW) and any runners up to a multiple winner are also indicated (2MW).

Today’s selections can be found here

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