Easy ways to earn free Crypto

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Below we have listed some of the many easy ways to earn free crypto which you may be interested in

Some of the methods listed below require you to sign up and perform some small tasks but you will in return find these easy ways to earn free Crypto

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1. Slice

Slice is a free extension that rewards you in Bitcoin for viewing ads.

Slice rewards you for doing what you normally do everyday while surfing the internet.

Join Slice by clicking on the link and receive 100 slices

Slice You Browse We Pay.

2. Publish0x

Publish0x is an internet blogging platform that rewards you with different ERC20 tokens for publishing interesting and useful articles.

Publish0x rewards both authors and readers, unlike read.cash, which exclusively rewards authors.

Every user on the site receives a daily tip allocation from the network’s central reward pool, which they can tip to their favorite author.

The user can decide how much of their allocation they want to share with the author (between 20% and 100%) and how much they want to keep for themselves.

The Publish0x team and collaborating projects who want to acquire awareness on the platform sponsor the central prize pool.

You may easily create a solid following and make money on Publish0x if you write quality material.

3. read.cash

read.cash is a blogging platform that pays you in Bitcoin Cash (BCH) for writing interesting and informative articles.

The platform was developed by the same team that launched noise.cash based on the same framework.

An AI known as TheRandomRewarder distributes tips from the read.cash central pool to deserving articles.

The bot goes through all of the articles on the platform and recommends the ones it finds interesting and useful.

Furthermore, other platform users can tip or sponsor your posts using BCH from their own wallets.

4. noise.cash

noise.cash is a social networking site where you can earn Bitcoin Cash (BCH) by submitting entertaining and useful information on a regular basis.

The platform is comparable to Twitter, but it is superior, particularly in terms of the compensation structure.

It allows you to earn BCH by posting both short and long-form content.

This tip comes from a central pool sponsored by Marc De Messel, a philanthropist and investor.

When people like (heart) your post, you earn some BCH (between $0.01 to $0.2) from the pool.

5. Presearch

Presearch is a decentralized and private search engine that rewards you with PRE tokens for utilizing it.

You get 0.1 PRE for every search you do on Presearch up to a limit of 30 searches per day.

If you use your daily paid search limit to the fullest, you can earn 3 PRE tokens each day or 1,095 PRE per year.

Presearch allows you to earn PRE on a daily basis..


6. Brave Browser

Brave is a privacy-focused browser that rewards users with BAT if they opt to see Brave Ads (basic attention tokens).

Participating in the Brave Creators program, which allows you to monetise your website(s) and social media profiles, will allow you to earn more BAT.

So that your readers and followers on social media can tip you directly with BAT or make recurring contributions to you from their Brave account.

Brave Proud to support a faster, safer web.

7. Torum

Torum is a crypto-focused social media platform that rewards you with XTM (the site’s native token) for sharing interesting and valuable content.

When you register and earn 100 points from the power-up missions, you will receive a 7.5 XTM welcome bonus.

Additionally, completing the daily missions on Torum can reward you at least 15 XTM (about $25) per week.

You can do a lot more than that on a weekly basis, but 15 XTM is the only thing you have direct control over.

To earn XTM on Torum all you have to do is log in every day, write a post and a thread, like other users’ posts.

Sign up for Torum and begin earning XTM every day.

8. Pi

Pi is a cryptocurrency token you can mine on your phone.

When you register and download the app onto your phone using nmce2000 as the referral code you start mining the Pi token.

Download the app on your iPhone or your Android phone. Here’s how:

  • Visit Google Play or the AppStore.
  • Search for Pi Network
  • Download the Pi Network App
  • Sign up with my Invite Code: nmce2000
    Sign up for Pi and begin earning Pi every day.