Money Man

Trainers Intentions Systems Successful Today

Today’s Selections at Sedgefield are at the link above. Retweets appreciated.

12:30 Sedgefield Christmas In Usa
12:30 Sedgefield Oceanus
13:00 Sedgefield Ettila De Sivola
13:00 Sedgefield Ringaringarosie
13:35 Sedgefield Order Of Thistle
13:35 Sedgefield Gameface
14:10 Sedgefield La Cavsa Nostra
14:10 Sedgefield Lord Du Mesnil
14:45 Sedgefield The Model County
14:45 Sedgefield Bryden Boy
15:15 Sedgefield Rollerball Rocco
15:15 Sedgefield Spirit Of Hale
15:50 Sedgefield Trongate
15:50 Sedgefield Iolani