You should use Brave

Why you should use Brave Browser

Brave browser is available for Windows, ios, Linux and Android

Why you should use Brave browser

The majority of browsers come with settings or the ability to add extensions to help keep your browsing more secure and private. These extra settings need to be turned on or added by you the user and can require some technical knowledge or tweaking to perform.
A relatively new browser has changed things, Brave browser once installed protects your information from adverts and cookies and can be set to prevent Social Media login buttons, so that the likes of Facebook, Google and Twitter are unable to track you as you browse the web.

The Brave browser gives you the ability to control what you block and even set controls for specific websites that you may visit, so what is blocked on one website will be enabled on your own predefined list of websites you are comfortable with. Brave is continuing its fight to prevent us from being tracked across the web by developing new methods to thwart user finger printing, where a piece of code is inserted into adverts or web pages to identify a users machine by performing a calculation related to the computers hardware and software setup. Brave believes it can hamper this technique by randomising the information this technique collects and providing a further layer of user privacy.